2020 July 23-28 


                                Our aims is the advancement for heritage and tourism accepted participants.

                                  Adults.children.students and disable
       All FORMS of dance /performance  are invited from all over the world.
                        DANCE-FOLK-MUSIC-CONTEST and tourism/art exhibition
Invited dance groups also have the opportunities to exhibit their  art, CD, and related cultural heritage.


Exhibitions. Ministries of tourism, ministries of art and culture have the opportunities to exhibit and promote  their Tourism promotion

THIS EVENTS EMBRACE ALL FORMS OF DANCE WHERE DANCE GROUPS AND FAMOUS ARTIST COME TOGETHER TO PERFORM. PERFORMANCE  including live music, operah , Ballet, modern dance , folk dance and Music, drummer ,Traditional dance , chorus, Acrobats,   e.t.c, are expect to take their feet during this historical events, festival open to all men and women, children and students groups are welcome.


 All of our programs consist of two parts:

  1. Participation in the competition and festival
  2. Participation in the Festival without competing in the competition*.

*For those who don’t want to participate in the competitive program, but wish to participate in the festival. They still can participate in the other festival activities including: joint rehearsals, workshops and master classes, where they receive advice and an official certificate from the renowned international experts during a brief discussion in an open and friendly atmosphere. Non competing participants will also perform at international friendship concerts combining different kinds of art.

Communication with other participants, an open exchange of experience as well as a lot of master classes with internationally recognized experts, will certainly bring you to a whole new level of creativity!


GROUP (А) – choreographic groups and soloists:
  • I category: classic ballet;

  • II category: folk dance, folk stylized dance, ethnic dance;

  • III category: ballroom dance;

  • IV category: sport dance (hip hop, disco, techno, street, electric boogie, break dance, pop locking and other street styles);
  • V category: modern dance (jazz modern, neoclassic etc.);

  • VI category: variety dance;

  • VII category: social dance (Argentine Tango, balboa, bachata, boogie, waltz, West Coast swing, zouk,  Irish set dancing, country music, kizomba, lindy hop, machine, merengue, reggaeton, rueda, salsa, samba de gafieira, Semba, forró, hustle, and others).
GROUP (B) – Instrumental groups and soloists:
  • I category: percussion instruments’ ensembles;
  • II category: guitarists’ ensembles;
  • III category: jazz style ensembles;
  • IV category: chamber orchestras;
  • V category: symphony orchestras;
  • VI category: accordion and button accordion players’ orchestras;
  • VII category: folk orchestra ensembles;
  • VIII category: soloists and piano ensembles (programs for a one piano).
GROUP (С) – singing (choirs, musicals, ensembles, duets, trios, soloists):
  • I category: academic singing;
  • II category: jazz singing;
  • III category: rock and rap;
  • IV category: folk singing;
  • V category: pop singing;
  • VI category: musicals.
GROUP (D) – artists and authors of the decorative and applied arts’ products, fashion theaters:
  • I category: fashion theaters;
  • II category: students of art schools and child art schools;
  • III category: students of art colleges, academies and institutes;
  • IV category: young professional artists;
  • V category: photo and video works (photo workshops, photo exhibitions, studios, authors).
GROUP (E) – Original genre*:
  • I category: circus, clownery, acrobatics, original gymnastics, juggling;
  • II category: illusion;
  • III category: pantomime, variety miniature, theaterminiature;
  • IV category: art of speaking word, readers.

*Air, fire and animal acts are prohibited.

 Age groups of the participants

      I) younger than 9 years old

  • II) 10-12 years
  • III) 13-15 years
  • IV) 16-19 years
  • V) 20-25 years
  • VI) from 26 years
  • Mixed

*The group age is based on the majority of the participants.



GROUP (А) – choreographic groups and soloists:

GROUP (B) – instrumental groups and soloists:

GROUP (С) – singing (choirs, musicals, ensembles, duets, trios, soloists):

GROUP (D) – artists and authors of the decorative and applied arts’ products, fashion theaters:

GROUP (E) – Original genre*:

*Air, fire and animal acts are prohibited.

Age groups of the participants

 From 6-60years·         Mixed

* The group age is based on the majority of the participants.

Technical requirements

  • Each group should present 1 or 2 competitive compositions of 2-5 minutes each. Each soloist should present 1 performance up to 4 minutes.
  • All the compositions should be recorded on a USB flash drive. And also it’s obligatory to have a backup copy of tracks on a CD.
  • In the application it’s necessary to specify if the layout of performances is needed or if the work will be executed by one set.
  • It’s obligatory to indicate soloists, duets and small groups of 3-5 persons.
  • During the competitive performances as to the groups, so to the soloists it’s prohibited to use lip-syncing sound records

The jury of the contest  will be formed of the most important choreographers and cultural workers from all over the world,  We hereby invite all interested professional Jury to join us during this historical events,  Participation in the gala concert is not guaranteed for everyone and is confirmed due to the results of the previous shows according to the consolidated legislative decision of the contest providers and the judges. KINDLY WRITE TO ORGANIZING COMMITTEE FOR DETAILS

The jury has the right

  • to make a decision about breaking a performance which exceeds the bounds of the regulations;
  • the jury evaluates the participants on point system, the final result is made up of the average quantity of the received scores and the average value of the progress scores;
  • the jury’s decisions are final and are not subject to review.

Evaluation criteria

GROUP (А) – choreographic groups and soloists

.GROUP (B) – instrumental groups and soloists

GROUP (С) – singing (choirs, ensembles, duets, trios, soloists)

GROUP (D) – artists and authors of the decorative and applied arts’ products, fashion theaters.

GROUP (E) – Original genre


The jury evaluates the participants  scale. and all group leaders are expected to be part.

* Ensembles, soloists, duets and small groups – winners of the first prizes and the Grand prize are given personalized trophy cups . Each group participant is given a nominal diploma from the founders and providers of the contest. Each group gets  an additional diploma in the form of engraving on a special base. Each team head and sponsor will be given thank-you letters on the letterhead of the Organization.

Program of stay

– check in to a hotel; (from 14:00)
– meeting with the organizers of the contest;
18:00 – dinner;
Get together Party from 22:00-02:00Am
8:00 – breakfast;
13:00 – lunch;
14:00 – rehearsal;
17:00 – beginning of the festival;
21:00 – dinner.
8:00 – breakfast, free day;
09:00 – excursions (optionally for an additional charge);
16:00-02 am Full day festivals, Gala concert /Competition
20:00 – dinner.
8:00 – breakfast, free day;
09:00 – excursions (optionally for an additional charge);
18:00 – beginning of the gala concert of the winners and giving out of the awards.
20:00 – dinner.
8:00 – breakfast;
– check out from the hotel at 10:00.

ATTENTION! Organizers have opportunity to modify the program.
ATTENTION! Organization  will provide free Local transports   transfer from airports and train stations to the hotel and back. 

* If you miss the lunch due to excursions or performances you have to ask for dry rations at the reception of your hotel the day before.

Prices of budgetary festival – contest and 4 star Hotel

****Austria trend Hotel Pyramid

  accommodation in a triple room €250 /person – extra day €55/person

  Accommodation in a Triple room  children €180-extra  day 30/person

  • accommodation in a double room €265 /person – extra day €73/person

       accommodation  in a double room Children €195 /person-extra day €51/person                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  • accommodation in a single room €390 /person – extra day €80/person

           accommodation in single room children  €255/person-extra day €65/person

  • soloists pay extra €150.
  • duets pay extra €100 for a duet.                       
  • small groups of 3-5 persons pay extra €80 for a group.
  • For participating in each additional nomination – extra charge €45 per person.

 Free places

Each 25th group’s 3 participant gets a pack of our services for free!*

*All the list of the assignable services you can find in the section “What is included into the price”.

What is included into the price

  • 5 days and 4 nights in a four-star hotel;
  • full board, buffet (breakfast, lunch, dinner) + drinks;
  • competitive viewing and award ceremony;
  • special thank-you certificates in the form of engraving on a special basis from the town´s authorities
  • Thank-you letters for choreographers and sponsors on the official numbered letterheads

   of the Organization

  • For team leaders from 25 people 3 members are free, from 30-40 members 6 members are free· 55-70 members 10 members are free  

Golden Prize winning 30,000 Euro

Attention:  We  provide you with a transfer from airports and train stations to the hotel and back. Attention:  Check out from the hotel at 10:00.

Extra services

  • Original pictures from the contest, gala concert and the award ceremony on a CD/flash drive;
  • Photo services during the trips/excursions. Photo shoots for groups and soloists;
  • Concertmaster;
  • Hair stylist (Make up and hairstyle);
  • Master classes from the  arts work.
  • Assisting Translator. (accompanying person);

.         Contest/gala concert.* All the extra services are provided on demand. 

For groups that need visas we kindly advance for earlier application, after submitting and meeting the festival conditions, organizing committee will send official invitation letter and hotel reservation and guarantee document of support.

We also invite all suitable voluntary organization, individual and group to join us by apply to our email with full details.